We have to do it, we have to talk about the weather. Beacause we all know, living in the UK, we never have a clue wether it’ll be snowing or so hot you can get your pasty legs out for there once a year airing. Anything could happen!

It’s the only part of your day you can’t control. And, after putting so much effort into it, you’re not going to let a little thing like the weather stop your day being as fabulous as you planned it to be.

Now I know you’re probably thinking ‘shut up Kirsty you’ll jinx it!’ I don’t even want to think about a rainy wedding day! But don’t fret. I’m here to ease your nerves and show you how you can make it work in any situation.

My tips are:

Be prepared. The more prepared you are the better. Don’t leave it until the day before the wedding and panic about what you’ll do if storm Eric hits and brings some hail with him. (I totally made that up, blame the little mermaid for the name. ) Talk to your photographer and your venue at your consultations, and have a rainy day plan in place. Think about where you could have your photos inside, or under cover where you and your guests won’t get soaked through. If you’re willing to get out in the rain, I always carry brollies and rain makes for some AWESOME photos.

This sorta leads into my next tip…

Embrace it!  A rainy day can be as awesome as a sunny one, and if you look at the positives and don’t mind dancing in the rain, wearing sparkly welly boots, and generally kicking ass you’ll have awesome images and some kick ass memories to look back on. Don’t spend time fretting about it, accept it, it won’t dull your sparkle and embrace it with open arms.

Get a dress cloak I was referred to this awesome dress cloak by my lovely friend Karen who was a rainy day bride herself. It’s perfect if you’re worried about your dress getting dirty before you walk down the isle, or as you’re moving around for photos. It’ll keep you looking pristine all day. Check out the video below for more:

Stop checking the weather.. As I said we can’t control it as much as we’d like to, it’s just not going to happen. So once you have your rainy day plan in place put the weather app down! Yes I’m talking to you.. If its making you stressed or anxious, and you find yourself constantly checking it, remember you’ve done everything you can. Rain or no rain, you’re marrying your best friend and this is all that matters, everything else will fall into place.

Remember it’s lucky! It’s said rain on your wedding day is lucky in many cultures, so see it like your own little lucky penny.

I hope this has helped you feel more prepared and a little more relaxed Kirsty. x


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