5 Ways to rock your wedding photos – Tips for camera shy brides

Time for some realness, are you terrified about your wedding photos? Is it a cause of some unwanted anxiety? If your thinking about that episode of friends where Chandler can’t smile for the camera at his engagement photoshoot and your worried that might be you I’m hoping I can relieve some of that stress in this blog. Yes right now ladies and gents lets get down to business!

Black and white photo of little girl reaching for her newly wed parents

1. Choose a photographer based on their work, not their price or location

I know it’d be really easy to book a photographer based on these things but before you do really think about things. You might be looking at a website with gorgeous traditional images with lots of posing set ups and group shots and thinking thats what I should have because it’s traditional and the done thing. If this is the case stop and ask yourself is this really what I want, If it is awesome!  If not and your looking for a more relaxed approach with less posing and more natural and fun stuff maybe this person is right for you.

If you’re not sure on style try googling documentary photography and alternative wedding photography instead of just wedding photography it’ll give you an idea of the difference in the styles then you can choose the one which suits you best.

2. Get to know your photographer

This will help you so much! Just going for a coffee with your chosen photographer and having a chat about your day and what you want from it will give you give you piece of mind. The more comfortable you feel with them the better you’ll feel when they turn up on the day with their cameras in tow. Don’t be afraid to share and ask questions we’re here to help and we want to know about you and your day.

Little girl playing hide and seek with veil

3. Forget “say cheese” and awkward poses there is another way

Candid shots and in-between moments make for the best pictures, I love capturing belly laughs when someone tells a naughty joke and the shy smiles when your having your first moment together away from the crowds as husband and wife. My mantra is put a couple in good light and let them to interact naturally, if you don’t want to look at the camera you don’t have to! No forced chandler smiles here just beautiful natural moments.

4. Go with the flow don’t have a million group shots to please mum do it your way.

Group shots are a necessary evil, yes they take time out of your day but you can simplify it down to five or six groups to make it easier on you and your guests. Theres always time for candids with you and your friends when your dancing like no ones watching or doing jäger shots at the bar. 😉

5.  Think about having an engagement shoot. 

An engagement shoot is probably the best way to prepare for your day if you’re feeling a bit nervous about having your photo taken. It’ll give you a couple of hours with zero pressure to have some fun with your other half and your photog. You’ll be besties by the end and ready to face your day with confidence. 😀

If you have any questions or just want to have a chat to ease some of your fears get in touch I’d love to hear from you!

Kirsty x


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