Busting Wedding Cake Myths With Claires Sweet Temptations

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Busting Wedding Cake Myths 

So today I have another guest blog for you from my fantastically talented friend Claire who runs Claire’s Sweet Temptations. She’s busting some wedding cake myths for you all to help in the wedding planning process.

Along with saying a big thank you to Claire for providing this awesome blog, I’d like to thank her for providing these lovely pictures too. 

Anyways enough from me over to Claire… 

The lovely Kirsty has asked me to write a guest blog for her this week 😊 and she has given me free rein on what cake-related subject I can write about! So I’m going to go with the two things I think people don’t consider enough when it comes to booking their wedding cake.

But first, let me introduce myself. I’m Claire and I own and run Sweet Temptations. A luxury and bespoke wedding cake company based on the Devon/Cornwall border. Ever heard of Clovelly? Well, that’s where you’ll find me. Although you might also find me in The Wedding Gallery in London, which I guess you could call my London base.

Anyway. What am I going to talk to you about?

Well, firstly I want to bust that lie of a myth that seems to still be out there in wedding planning land. And that is that you can leave the cake until last, and you don’t need to book it until a few weeks before the wedding. WRONG, WRONG AND WRONG!!!! I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating this ‘advice’ is. And it’s very misleading to you as the one getting married. You’re trusting the advice you’re reading out there, and it’s going to cause you problems. Good cake designers get booked up early and fast! I have had an Oct 2020 wedding booked in since summer 2018.

So when should you book your wedding cake? I’ll tell you what I tell all the people that ask me this, ‘As soon as possible!’ Once you have a date set and a venue booked, then start looking for your cake designer. Another myth is that you need to know exactly what it is you want before you approach a cake designer. Again this is so wrong. Yes, you will need to know a rough idea on the numbers the cake will be for, but if you’ve booked the venue then you’ll already know how big the wedding is going to be. And a few first ideas about style is always useful, but not essential. A good cake designer will be able to work with you to decide exactly what you want, and design you the perfect wedding cake. I ask my clients a few questions and give them a quote based on their answers, and they pay their 25% booking fee based on that quote. But if things change that’s fine. I simply adjust the cost accordingly (down as well as up). As long as I know the final size, flavours and design by around six weeks before the wedding. Your cake designer will give you a cut-off date after which you can’t make changes, this is because we often have to start things like sugar flowers and models well in advance (they can take ages!)

Got a Pinterest board for your wedding? Share it with your cake designer. This is a great way to help us see where your ideas are leading, even if you’ve not decided on a cake design yet. In fact, we can take the elements you’re saving and pinning, and use them to design something unique to you.

Got guests with dietary needs? You don’t need to wait until you know if they are coming or not before booking your cake. Simply ask your cake designer if they can accommodate the dietary requirement, then let them know as soon as you do if that is going to be needed. It’s important to ask about dietary needs because not all cake designers can accommodate them. Personally I never take on nut allergies as I can’t 100% be sure there are no nut traces in my kitchen.

Not sure if everyone you invite will come? Again you don’t need to wait to know final numbers before booking your wedding cake. As a general rule, we work on deducting 10% from the total numbers anyway, as not everyone will have cake, and children might not be allowed it. So for a wedding where you’re inviting 100, order a cake for 90. And if in doubt, ask your cake designer, we don’t mind questions 😊

The other thing I want to touch on is related to when to book your cake. And that is what to ask when getting in touch with your cake designer, and what they will need to know from you.

The first two things I always ask are, what date is the wedding? And where is the venue? This is because, if I’m already booked on that date, then it’s game over. However, if your venue is close to the venue of the wedding I already have, then it’s game back on! Plus knowing the venue means I can work out delivery costs to add on. I always give an ‘all in’ price when I quote on a cake, including delivery. I hate having to add extra costs on, although this will happen if you change what you want.

Your cake designer will have a Ts&Cs page on their website, read it. This is important to do because, by paying that booking fee, you are agreeing to abide by them. And they are there to protect you too. The Ts&Cs may also answer some of your questions. They may also have a FAQ and/or advice page, it’s also worth reading through these too. But never be afraid to ask, there’s no such thing as a silly question.

My final piece of advice is to have the cake YOU want. Book early so you aren’t stressed about it. And enjoy it!

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