City Micro-Elopement – There Is Magic On Your Doorstep!

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City Micro-Elopement - Couple in the centre of Camden town after wedding bride has arms around groom with bouquet in her hand

If you’re planning a wedding, chances are you’re seeing a LOT of wedding photos. You’re probably seeing hundreds of Pinterest brides, picturesque locations and unrealistic ‘wedding goals’. Now, a lot of these things have become a lot trickier thanks to this whole ‘global pandemic’ palaver. You may not be able to get to your dream location just yet, and it may be a while before you can get your whole family together. I’m not here to be a Debbie Downer, I’m actually here with a badass potential solution. I’m here to show you the beauty and magic of the simple ‘City Micro-Elopement!’ Hear me out…

Why Have A City Micro-Elopement? 

Maybe the wedding day of your dreams will have to wait a while. This doesn’t mean you can’t still get married and celebrate before then. The ‘get hitched now, party later’ mindset is rife among couples that just can’t wait to tie the knot. Have an awesome small wedding ceremony now, and have the wedding celebration that you’ve been planning since you were 5, post-covid. Cool! With travel restrictions in place, City Micro-Elopements are a fabulous way to mark your matrimony without leaving your stomping ground. Elopements are usually associated with running away to the countryside or some exotic land, but your humble city can be just as exciting. Cities are full of excitement, individuality and fandabidozi photo ops. There are so many wonderful things on your doorstep!

City Micro-Elopement couple stood in front of colourful wall in Camden

But HOW?

There’s no right or wrong! But i’ll give you a vague idea that you can freestyle with. First, check your local restrictions. I’m writing this in ‘Lockdown II’, so of course, some restrictions will have to lift before you can do your thang. 

I’m assuming your City Micro-Wedding location would be your nearest city (because covid), but maybe there’s somewhere close to your heart that you’d prefer. You’ll want to figure out how to do the whole ‘tying the knot’ biz. Do you want a quick registry office job or a more formal ceremony? For a legal wedding ceremony, you will need 2 witnesses. How about hiring celebrant to do a socially distanced, bespoke wedding ceremony? Celebrant ceremonies are not yet legally binding in The UK. 

What To Do For Your City Micro-Elopement

The only rules here are the local restrictions! Can you book a table at your favourite restaurant? Maybe there’s some green space for you to have a picnic. Maybe museums, theatres or cinemas will be open? Celebrate in a way that feels right to you. 

With a good wedding photographer (just going to plug myself here), you can get some awesome photos from your City Micro-Elopement. You can use these as invitations for your bigger celebration, to look awesome on Instagram, and to keep as a memory. 

Groom smoking before leaving for wedding with member of the public mirroring him behind blue wall
Bride throwing bouquet in the air after city wedding

An Optimistic Note

Yes, covid sucks. No, it’s not easy. My intention is not to sugarcoat or suggest a ‘quick fix’. I’m just trying to spread a little love and some creative ideas that might resonate with you. One day, we’ll all be able to dance together again. Until then – we make the most of what we have! There is so much potential here for thinking outside of the box and making magic from the mundane. WE GOT THIS!

Lots of love and sparkles, Kirsty x 


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