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You’re a busy parent who’s worried about time passing too quickly.

You want to capture the belly laughs and mischief that happens in day to day life, but you can’t think of anything worse than posing for the camera with your kids. They like to run around, and never sit still for more than five seconds. You just can’t be doing with the stress of it all!

I offer something completely different.

My sessions are relaxed and informal. You can play games in the fresh air, and the kids can run around as much as they like. No poses, no stress, just fun. We’ll make daisy chains and encourage them to explore their surroundings. You won’t need pristine white outfits, or anything perfect. I want to capture your kids being themselves, dirty knees and favourite toys included. In fact, I encourage it!

You’ll be able to be in the photos too without the worry of looking directly into the camera and forcing a smile. You won’t be wishing you were somewhere else because you’ll be doing your thing. I’ll just be there to take cracking pictures of you all being you in all your awesomeness. 


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