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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my photography bucket list, so I thought it might make a cool blog topic! I hope I’m not going to type utter bollox or bore you half to death with this. ? I just wanted to give an insight into my geeky little brain and what weddings I really, really want to shoot.

Now I love all weddings but to tick these off would make me a very happy girl… giddy even, I might even do a happy dance haha! Don’t worry I won’t subject you to that awkwardness I really can’t dance, at all… Think Chandler Bing and then add a sprinkle more awkward and you’ll be almost there. (I swear I’m not joking.)

The great news about this is if you can tick something off my bucket list I’ll give you 10% off your wedding package. So it’s a win-win! Some of the things I’ve included probably won’t shock you I mean a space theme is a given because I’m a Rockett girl and a Disneyland wedding would blow my freaking mind especially if Goofy was officiating. ? As for the rest, you’ll have to keep scrolling to see what awesomeness I’ve come up with.

I’m sure I’ve rambled enough now and you’ve got a great little insight into what geeky goings-on are happening in my head, so without further ado, here’s my bucket list…

Wedding venues/places I’d love to shoot at:


Themes I’d love to shoot:


  • Space
  • Harry Potter
  • Disney
  • Comic Book
  • Lego
  • Festival / Carnival
  • 80’s / Roller Disco
  • F*R*I*E*N*D*S

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