Documentary Wedding Photography – Why I love candid moments

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Documentary Wedding Photography 

You may have already guessed from my Instagram & my galleries that I love shooting candid moments during weddings. I freaking love capturing things as they happen, things that my couples might not remember, because they’re fleeting moments on such busy days. Those moments, like the one above, give me goosebumps and I know they will mean the world to the families when I deliver their final wedding stories.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love stealing a couple away for a little while to get some shots of the two of them together.  But after that 20-30 minutes, and the obligatory group shots, I don’t structure anything. I believe the day will unfold beautifully on its own, without intervention or an overly bossy photographer getting up in everyone’s faces demanding they do shizzle to make something happen. There’s really no need for it.

This is why I adopt the ninja approach…


The Ninja approach. Otherwise known as documentary wedding photography, or being a linesman and not a referee if you prefer a football analogy, produces beautiful, natural images. These are important because they’re moments you can’t get back or mass reproduce. They are raw and real, and when you look back on your wedding pictures on your fiftieth anniversary they’ll be the ones that evoke emotions and give you all the feels. (I’m totally judging myself for saying that.)

Trust your photographer to bring it with these images, try to forget they’re there and enjoy yourselves. If you’re worried about freezing up or being overly aware of your tog wondering around then talk to them, tell them your fears and get to know them so they’re less of a stranger on your big day. For this style to really work for you, you need to be you in all your cracking glory.

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