Lockdown Wedding Planning Ideas

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Lockdown Wedding Planning - Couple smiling at each other on their wedding day with guests in background

Hello lovely people! I hope you’re all keeping happy and healthy in lockdown. I’m here with a short, sweet, and motivational blog this week because I reckon we could all do with a pick me up! Lockdown wedding planning can be tough, but I’m sharing some ideas and some optimism that may help you out. 

Lockdown Wedding Planning Ideas 

Covid sucks, yes. The uncertainty and ever-changing rules are frustrating, I get it. However, I believe the best thing we can do for ourselves is to stick with what makes us feel excited and hopeful. Let’s be honest, having something to look forward to might just help us through! 

Whether you’re having an intimate ceremony or waiting it out for a big party, there are many ways you can wedding plan whilst remaining flexible. Here are some lockdown wedding planning ideas that won’t stress you out too much: 

  1. Decide on your wedding theme and decor 
  2. Decide on your catering plans
  3. Have a Zoom hen do 
  4. Online shop for wedding wear (it’s fun!) 
  5. Attend virtual wedding fairs 
  6. Get to know potential suppliers
  7. Book an engagement shoot
  8. DIY – can you get crafty and make some bits yourself?
  9. Figure out a plan B, just in case! How can you adapt your ideas?

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Lockdown Wedding Planning As An Act Of Resilience 

Ok, this part is a bit dramatic but I like it. When we stop making plans, covid wins. When we improvise, adapt, fight through and continue to make kickass plans, love wins. I know which side I’m rooting for! By persevering with lockdown wedding planning, you’re not letting Miss Rona control allllll of your life. You’re planning a celebration of love, and I think that deserves our attention right now. 

Everybody say “LOVE!” 

A short summary: Wedding planning is fun. We need as much fun as we can get and things to look forward to. Ain’t no pandemic gonna stop us!  (Well, it might actually stop us a tiny bit… but you get my point!) 

Whilst we wait for the world to open up again, I’m sharing a load of cheerful, colourful wedding photos and inspiration over on Instagram. Come say hey! 

In the meantime, hang in there, eat lots of cake and keep lovin’! 

Kirsty xoxo

The picture used in this blog was taken whilst second shooting for Caroline Goosey Photography.