Nottingham Wedding Photographer – 10 Random Facts

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Nottingham Wedding Photography – Ten Random Facts About Me

1. I have a serious stationery obsession

Note pads, note pads everywhere and Disney pens! It’s getting a bit out of hand I have to admit. I literally have no room on my desk at all to move because every time I see cute stationery I have to buy it!

2. I have camped out overnight for a movie premiere (more than once)

Don’t judge me… Okay judge me, I’m okay with that. This one is a bit nuts. I camped out on the streets of London to meet the cast of Twilight. Yeah, I was a Twi-hard… Just typing that makes me feel like I’ve lost some cool points. However, I did make some bloody awesome friends who I love more than cake. (one of them makes cakes too and she’ll be super happy about this because she knows how much I love it) Anyhow yeah probably not one of my coolest moments but it was bloody fun!

 3. I almost got trampled by Beliebers at Cannes Film Festival

True story no bull shit, Bieber almost got me trampled by his fangirls. I was sitting waiting for a live tv show to start recording in Cannes and down walks the Biebs shirtless surrounded by screaming girls and two burly bodyguards. If I hadn’t moved out of the way lightning fast it would have been bye bye Kirsty and death by Bieber and that is not something I want on my headstone… UGH, it’s almost worse than Twi-hard.

4. Flounder is my all time favourite Disney character

He’s not a guppy! He’s seriously cute, he’s Ariels best friend and he’s my all time favourite Disney character. He’s the best.

5. I love to travel

Especially when I get to eat too.  I mainly travel with two buddies and we have been known to plan what we’re having for lunch at the breakfast table because we are obsessed with amazing food. We’ve done pancakes in NYC, pizza in Rome and pastries in Paris and we still have a massive list of places we want to go… I’m not sure how my waistline will cope but it’s happening calories be damned.

6. I have the most varied taste in music and I’m the first to admit I love a bit of 80’s cheesy pop

Girls Just Wana Have Fun after all right? My iPhone is full of random music, I have everything from Phil Collins (thanks mum) to Bob Marley, Madness and Eminem (my dad’s way cooler than my mum when it comes to music) and that’s not all of it there are lots of cheesy 80’s playlists in there too as well as a few soundtracks and a lot of Scouting For Girls. Some may say I have really bad taste, but I think it’s freaking awesome.

7. I hate heights and roller coasters

Okay, technically this is two but they go hand in hand don’t they? Who in their right mind would want to be thrown about all over the place at high speeds in a small car with no way to escape?! Not this girl, nope not happening. EVER.

8. I have an awesome best friend

This is true, I do have an awesome best friend who I love very much. So when I asked her for ideas for this blog because no one knows me better than she does she used this as one of her answers. So why the heck not, Natalie this is for you cause even though you’re a little big-headed haha this is totally true.

 9. I love learning/watching anything about the Tudors

History nerd alert… Yep, I love learning all about Henry’s shenanigans, Traitors Gate and The Tower Of London. I’ve visited Hampton Court Palace (if those walls could talk eh?) and the tower is on my todo list for this year. I visit London all the time and can’t believe I still haven’t made it there yet!

10. I sobbed at the end of Avengers End Game

I mean do you even have a heart if you didn’t? I don’t want to post spoilers just in case but my god… My heart.

So there you have it – 10 random facts about this Nottingham wedding photographer. If you’re still reading and you think I might be a good fit for your day, click the button below and get in touch



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