Oakham wedding photography – Gary & Claire

Gary and Claire got married in July at Oakham Registry Office, and they had their reception at the lovely Wisteria Hotel. It was an intimate affair with just their closet friends and family sharing their day with them.

Before the ceremony

Before the ceremony, we spent a little time with both the bride and groom at the hotel. I like to do this to get to know my couples, and to help relax everyone. It’s also good to capture those precious ‘behind the scenes’ moment.

Gary was ready first and spent some time with his sons and brother in the bar before heading down to the registry office. 

Once Claire was ready for us we headed up to help her with the finishing touches, I don’t just take photos, I can handle zips and buttons too. She looked beautiful, and wasn’t letting the weather forecast dampen her spirits. In fact, some say, rain on your wedding day is actually lucky! 

It started to rain just as the bride left the hotel but she still looked radiant and beautifully happy as she made her was to the registry office. Sunny weddings are sooooo last month anyway! Plus rain can add an interesting and fun dynamic to your photos. How cool would a rainbow on your wedding day be?? 

The ceremony

The ceremony was beautiful. It was emotional and funny in equal measure, the best kind.  Gary’s daughter and her other half provided my favourite moment of the day when they took the most epic selfie after the signing of the register. ( I loved it so much I choose it as my first image for this post you can see it above.) It’s all about those moments, the ones you may miss in all the excitement! 

After the ceremony

After the ceremony, we braved the rain and headed outside to grab some pictures, and let me tell you something in the words of Forest Gump this was big ol’ fat rain. But did that spoil things??? Hell no! Most of the guests stayed inside and grabbed shots through the window, as we headed out to the little summer house for some shelter. At this point, Claire’s son brought her out a little gift (The pink heart you can see in the photos) Another moment it was priceless to capture. 

We did the group shots inside the registry office because no one wants lots of soggy hats in their wedding photos! It’s always good to have a ‘plan B’ for photos. Have a good poke around your venue to see if there’s a pretty place. 

Everyone headed back to the hotel together when there was a break from the rain. United in the desire not to get too wet! 

The details

Claire put a lot of thought and love into the table decorations, and the bride and groom even left each other beautiful little notes on their place settings. Each guest had a handmade name setting, a lovely touch that also made a nice keepsake. 

We said our goodbyes when the bridal party sat down for dinner. I’ll always leave you alone while you’re eating, no one needs a camera around mid mouthful! 

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The sneak peek

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