Pandemic Positivity From A Wedding Photographer

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Wedding | 0 comments

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Hello lovely people! Happy friggin’ new year! Anyone else got major January blues? I think we all thought (or really hoped) 2021 would solve all of our problems and eradicate Miss Rona. Apparently, time doesn’t work like that – who’d have guessed? 

It’s a crappy time for so many people. The world of weddings is the one I know best, and it’s been a real sticky patch for both suppliers trying to make a living and couples trying to get hitched. As a wedding photographer, I obviously haven’t had much to photograph! So, today’s blog post is dedicated to spreading a little bit of cheer. I am not trying to sugarcoat any situation, and am a big believer in feeling out the negative stuff. BUT, here’s some light-hearted little things to think about that might just bring you some fuzzy heart feels. 

People Are Still In Love

That’s right! Covid can’t kill luurrrvee. People are still falling in love, getting engaged, and all that lovely stuff! Inbetween lockdowns, the most gorgeous small ceremonies have been happening (I even got to photograph one – look here!). People are planning grand celebrations for when we can all dance together again – and I can’t imagine how truly wonderful that will be! 

People Are Still Coming Together 

I’m lucky to be part of a super supportive community of wedding photographers and suppliers. The way people have each other’s backs is incredible. Say what you will about the state of humanity, but there really is a gazillion good eggs! Our collective power is huge

Pandemic Positivity – The Vaccine! 

Whatever your thoughts on the vaccine, it’s bringing hope to lots of people. We can choose to see it as a signal that the end is near. Optimism, baby! 

Praise The Internet!

Social media has been a lifeline for so many people during this pandemic. Again, views on technology differ but you cannot deny its power to connect people. People have made friends, found community, or simply sought comfort in sharing their experiences. When you use social media intentionally and follow people that bring you joy, inspiration, or education, the potential is limitless! (Hey, Follow me? I’m way cooler on Instagram.)

Always Learning

Pandemic positivity final point: We can learn from this. This could include learning how to rest, how to prioritise, or even a new skill. Now, I’m not a fan of the whole ‘create your best work in lockdown’ pressure, but the potential for learning is huge, even if it’s just realising that your rest time is crucial for your wellbeing. Even if you’re not on a deep self-discovery lockdown mission, maybe you learnt how to make banana bread and that’s brilliant! As a civilisation, we can remember our interconnectedness and learn how to function better as a result. Alright, enough of the hippie ramble!

A Wedding Photographer’s Take   

There you have it – a little slice of pandemic positivity! I’ve tried to avoid the well-meaning but potentially naive ‘5 ways to be happy!” approach and opted for simply sharing some uplifting thoughts. Remember, reach out for help if you need it. Remember, you’re a badass. Remember, YOU GOT THIS. Big love, Kirsty x