Wedding Venue Hunting – How To Find Your Vibe

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Tipi in a field backed by a gorgeous but moody sky

No pressure, but your wedding venue can be a pretty big deal. It determines the vibe, the date, and, to a certain extent, the type of wedding that is possible. Finding a venue is usually high up on the wedding planning priority list, as everything else kind of revolves around it. So, where the heck do you start? Let me help ya!

Things to think about when wedding venue hunting

You might need to do a bit of gentle soul searching here. It helps to know your values and what matters most on your big day. When hunting for your dream wedding venue, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What time of year do we want to get married?
  • What size wedding do we want to have? How many guests?
  • Do we want a blank canvas or a place that already has styling options? 
  • What style of wedding do we want?
  • What location do we want/need to be in?
  • What values does the wedding venue need to have? 

Having these questions answered will help you narrow down your search. Google and wedding directories are your best friend here. Maybe you’ll decide against a formal wedding venue and opt for field/tipi rental. Maybe you’ll figure out that your venue needs to cater to 5000 people (post Covid!). From here, you can shortlist. 

Get Clued Up About Your Shortlisted Wedding Venue

It’s super important to get to know a venue before booking. If the venue has a planner that you’ll be working with, make sure they understand your vision. You’ll want to make sure that the venue is good at communicating – that’s an important one! 

Be sure to get clued up on their T&Cs, too. What are their policies for deposits, cancellations, or covid-related postponements? Do they have all the correct licensing? Oh, and read their reviews. 

Knowledge is power, people! You’ll potentially be spending a lot of money here, so make sure everything’s legit.

Wedding Venue - Tipi dressed for wedding in bright vibrant colours
Giraffe Shed Wedding Venue an awesome blank canvas to make your own
Wedding Venue - Clapham Country Club a dark room dressed with a stunning flower arrangement

Follow Your Gut

As ‘woo woo’ as it may sound, you gotta go with what FEELS right! A wedding may tick all the boxes but, if it doesn’t light you up inside, my advice is to keep searching! We’re looking for a ‘hell yes’ here! We don’t have time for half-heartedness! Your dream wedding venue is out there, whether it be a castle, a barn, or a field. Trust the process. 

Make it WORK! What To Do If Your Dream Wedding Venue Is Off The Cards

As a wedding photographer (Insert self-promo here) I’ve seen all sorts of wedding venues, from the conventional to the unimaginable. The ones that stand out are not the most expensive or unusual, but the ones that represent the couple and make everybody feel welcome. Perhaps this is less about the venue, and more about the couples sticking with their authenticity. 

So, if for whatever reason you can’t have your dream wedding venue, you can totally make it work. Wether you’re in a hotel in the Bahamas or a local village hall, it’s about the love you put in and the love you’re celebrating. Use your creativity to make something awesome happen, using whatever is available to you. It’s not what you’ve got but how you use it! 

A Summary

Find your values. Do your research. Follow your gut. Make it work. Simples! The same applies to most wedding planning, I suppose. If you wanna talk weddings, or check out some colourful wedding photography, come and say hi on Instagram!

Big love, Kirsty x


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