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Hi! I’m Kirsty, could I BE more excited you’re here?


I’m a wedding photographer based in the awesome city of Nottingham, but I’ll happily shoot weddings all over the UK, Europe and beyond. (I said that last part in a Buzz Lightyear voice. You’re doing it too now, right?)

I’m kind, a deep thinker, a planner and more than a bit of a geek. My best friend would tell you I’m a little (Okay a lot) crazy but in the best possible way. I have a slight potty mouth… I’m a bit like Natalie from Love Actually it just slips out! (If you haven’t seen this movie whhhyyy it’s awesome and this particular scene is hilarious.)

When I’m not shooting, editing or raiding vintage shops you’ll find me curled up on the sofa binge-watching Netflix with a cup of tea and a packet of biscuits. I love to watch random shows and cry over movies like The Notebook when I’m feeling a bit soppy.

My Style


My photography style is relaxed and spontaneous, I’ll capture all the funny and romantic moments and let you get on with having a wicked day. I won’t be dragging you away from your friends and family for hours on end to do a couples session it’ll be no longer than 30 minutes and then it’s back to partying like its 1999. My favourite thing about shooting weddings is the in-between moments, the belly laughs and the dad dancing the unposed perfection that’s 100% you.

Enough about me what about you…


You love throwing a great party, the last thing you want is a photographer who’s extremely bossy and takes over on your wedding day. You’re looking for someone who’ll fit in and have a laugh, someone you can trust to capture epic memories and not make you feel like you’re taking part in the ultimate cheesy photo contest.

Your wedding is all about marrying your best friend, you want your personalities to shine through in all the details from the cake to the table decorations and you’ll be putting a tonne of effort into DIY’ing everything so it’s perfect. Your Pinterest boards are growing by the day, aren’t they? You should totally share these with me if you choose to inquire I love seeing what people have planned!


What’s Next?


If you’re still reading and you’d like to know more you can check out my weddings page HERE or you can contact me using the form below.

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