Kirsttttt the photos are epic!!!! Bloody love them! You Captured it all perfectly thank you!   What can I say about Laura and Tommy's wedding day other than it was bloody epic! Gorgeous couple, gorgeous weather and a wicked party! Before the ceremony We started the...

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5 Fabulous Ways To Stop Rain Ruining Your Big Day

We have to do it, we have to talk about the weather. Beacause we all know, living in the UK, we never have a clue wether it'll be snowing or so hot you can get your pasty legs out for there once a year airing. Anything could happen! It's the only part of your day you...

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Fabulous Wedding Items And Where To Find Them!

Welcome to fabulous wedding items and where to find them, every month I'll be sharing five things that ooze awesomeness that I think you'll love. I'll be sharing things to suit all kinds of budgets, this week I have things from Primark and Etsy as well as some other...

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DIY Vintage Wedding Ideas

This week I thought I'd take a look at DIY vintage wedding ideas. I love the thought of having something completely unique as a centrepiece, and something handmade is even more special. Now I know time restraints might make it impossible to do everything yourself, and...

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