A Wedding Photography Ethos – Ready To Rock It

Hey folks! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog but I am BACK to spread the good word about doing weddings ‘your way’! I wanted to bring things back to basics and write about my ‘wedding photography ethos’. It’s always nice to remind yourself why you do what you do, and I’ve been doing a bit of that recently! Here’s a little glimpse into my ‘why’. 

A Wedding Photography Ethos – Let’s Reinvent Weddings!

With Valentine’s Day and New Year just gone, we’ve been neck-deep in engagement season. You’re probably seeing a lot more targeted ads about proposals/engagements/weddings in general. Naturally, as a wedding photographer, I lovveeee a good wedding. What bugs me is the pressure put on couples to have the ‘best day of your life’, and to look/be perfect. It sucks the entire soul out of the core reason for the celebration… LOVE! The expectations are just unrealistic. Where’s all the fun?

My wedding photography ethos is about scrapping all of this and having a bloody good time. I take fun, chilled out, natural and colourful photos of couples that are celebrating their love in a way that makes sense to them. Honestly, I think the world could do with a little more lightheartedness! Simples! 

Minimal Posing, Maximum Fun

Don’t get me wrong, I am SO here for a glamorous, editorial Vogue-style wedding shoot. It’s just not my style! My wedding photography ethos is all about making my clients at ease, so they can be their most comfortable, shiny selves. The more comfortable the subject, the better the photo. 

I won’t force you into awkward poses or make you do anything that doesn’t feel right. I’m a pro at taking candids, so you’ll get plenty of those. We’ll still get the snaps for the wall and to make your gran happy, we’ll just make it fun and natural. Your day, your way, etc etc etc! 

Cheese Is Only For The Dance Floor

As a wedding photographer, I’m not afraid to embrace the cheese when necessary. But most of the time… It’s just not blimmin’ necessary, is it? No cliche poses on my watch! I don’t think i’m ‘too cool’ or anything… I’m just not trying to recreate a Pinterest trend that you’ll cringe at in a few years time! 

When it comes to the dancefloor, however… I will BE there. I’ll be bringing my dad dancing to the cheesiest extreme, whilst snapping brilliant candids of your loved ones letting their hair down.

Being Besties

Okay, maybe besties is an exaggeration, but I want to get to know my clients before being an integral part of their big day! This benefits both me and the couple. Once you understand that I’m just as dorky as you and the camera is your friend, you’ll feel way less camera shy! I’ll also get to know what’s important to you and how I can best reflect that in your wedding photos. 

The one thing I’m pretty sure of: You absolutely do not want a stranger waving a camera in your face telling you to ‘act like you like each other!’ 

My Wedding Photography Ethos – Talk To Me!

Do you have a wedding ethos or certain values that you’ll be incorporating into your big day? I want to hear all about them! Slide into my DMs on Instagram or contact me here to chat about awesome weddings.