Badass Wedding Entertainment – How To Keep Your Guests Smiling

Fasten your seatbelts, we’re talking about wedding entertainment and how to make yours unforgettable! 

I don’t know about you, but I very rarely remember the small details of weddings first. I’ve photographed my fair share, but don’t think I can remember one napkin colour or type of flower off the top of my head. However, the bits I do remember, the parts that really stand out are how those weddings made me FEEL. Whether that was bored, joyful, or tearful, people remember emotions. That is why I believe investing in some epic wedding entertainment can be the difference between a dull template wedding and an exciting, fabulous love celebration. Your big day is, of course, all about you – We don’t do people-pleasing here. But, naturally, you probably want your guests to have the best time ever! Here are some alternative wedding entertainment ideas you might not have thought about. 

DIY Wedding Entertainment

I’ll start with the DIY option because you cannot beat some rustic garden games! Epic wedding entertainment doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s super cheap to grab a few hula hoops, space hoppers & skipping ropes. Lay these out on some grass and watch your tipsy guests go wild! Simplicity might just be key here! You could also DIY games like croquet, hoopla, gigantic chess or tug of war. Let your imagination run free! 

Alternative Wedding Photo Booths

We’ve all seen wedding photo booths before, but did you know there are LOADS of quirky, unique and themed booths? From campervans to a Tardis replica, find something different that fits your style. Make sure you have plenty of silly props, or even some face paint to bring smiles to everybody’s faces!

Get Competitive With Your Wedding Entertainment

Bring the fun to your wedding entertainment with a little friendly competition! I’m talking gaming consoles, rodeo bulls, inflatable sumo wrestling, dance mats or an obstacle course. Maybe you could even get a leaderboard going and offer novelty medals or bottles of wine as prizes. 

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Bring The Wow Factor

Everybody loves magic! (Apart from maybe that one sceptical uncle…) However silly or sophisticated your wedding is, a bit of sleight of hand never fails to entertain! How about hiring a magician? There are all sorts of quirky variations on this, from palm readers and tarot cards to caricature artists and poets! Anything that makes people go ‘wow’ is bound to be epic wedding entertainment. This is also accessible to older guests who may not be able to hop onto the previously mentioned rodeo bull!

Live Wedding Entertainment

Having a show to watch is another great way to entertain your wedding guests. You may have considered a live band or DJ, but can you push the boat out even further? What about drag queens, dancers, circus performers, or a kids puppet show? This style of wedding entertainment can really enhance your wedding theme AND give your guests something to talk about. 

You Do You, Boo…

I could spend hours brainstorming and talking your ear off, but my point is that awesome and alternative wedding entertainment is SO possible and achievable! Whatever the budget, there’s a unique option out there for you. Maybe the form of entertainment doesn’t even exist yet and you get to have some fun conjuring it up! 

My best advice is to always do what feels right to you, instead of what is expected. Although I’m sure your guests mean a lot to you, the biggest thing to think about is what will make YOU happy. Whether you’re reenacting battle scenes from your favourite sci-fi film, or involving your guests in a mile-long conga, follow your heart! Will everybody ‘get it’? Maybe not. Does it matter? Hell nah! 

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