Self Care When You’re Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is no easy feat! When balancing an already busy life with societal/familial pressures and trying to get your wedding shiz together, things can get pretty stressy! Today’s blog is dedicated to taking a little time out to look after yourself first. I’ve compiled a little list of five wedding planning self-care tips to help you keep your head-on. Enjoy!

Stop Multitasking & Get Organised

Sometimes the best wedding planning self-care is getting organised! With a million things going on at once, it can be so easy to get yourself into a muddle of juggling everything all at once. This isn’t efficient! Batch your tasks to get more done in less time. If you’re booking a florist whilst browsing Pinterest and responding to work messages, you won’t be giving 100% to any of those tasks – you’ll be more stressed and actually achieve less. Save yourself the stress & do your tasks one at a time! Setting some phone/social media boundaries may help with this. 

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Self Care Tip: Rest, B*tch!

My best wedding-planning self-care is an obvious one, but we all need the reminder sometimes! Wedding planning can feel like a full-time job. Take time away from the world of weddings and you’ll come back with a fresh perspective and more energy. You could even go as far as having certain times where you don’t talk about the wedding to anyone (not even your partner!) – Set those boundaries, save that energy!

Ask For Help & Delegate

You are not in this alone! Once you’re all organised and know what you need help with, dish some tasks out to take the load off. It can be hard to delegate when you want things a certain way, but by giving clear instructions with deadlines, you can make the tasks easier for everyone. 

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Go On A Date

… With your partner, of course! If you’re getting stressed out, take some time to remember why you’re doing this! Wedding planning self-care can be as simple as having some quality time with your partner. Take some time to have a laugh and get excited about your big day.

Wedding Planning Self Care Mindset

Cue Motivational Speaker Kirsty Are you holding unnecessary stress? Stop it! Sometimes, we get stuck in these patterns of stress and they suck. Once we realise we are in them, we can choose to alter our mindsets. Unclench your jaw, take a deep breath… Does the situation have to be as stressful as you’re making it? Welcome in a little softness and kindness – remember you’re a human! I find it helpful to prioritise my tasks and complete them accordingly. Often, when I’m making the priority lists (Yes, I’m a list nerd), I realise that none of the tasks actually come under the ‘Super Life Or Death Urgent’ column. This brings me peace! When it comes to wedding planning self-care, mindset is everything! 

A Wedding Planning Self Care Summary

As a wedding photographer, I come across a lot of people experiencing ‘wedding overwhelm.’ My best advice is always: Rest, Get Organised & Remember Who You Are. There is no need to pressure yourself! There is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding! You are too darn fabulous to be working yourself into the ground. Crikey, all this wedding self-care talk is making me want a spa day! I hope you’ve loved this little ramble. Come say hey on Instagram if you wanna talk weddings! 

Love & Sparkles, 

Kirsty x