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Vibe Checking Your Wedding Photographer – Red & Green Flags

Booking your wedding photographer can be overwhelming. There are so many out there, all with their own style. Most couples don’t know what signs to look for in a good photographer. That’s where I come in! After many years in the wedding industry, encountering every type of wedding supplier under the sun, I think I have a pretty good bullsh*t radar. Here are some red and green flags to look out for when booking your photographer!


Let’s start with the positives! 

You Love Their Style

First things first, find a wedding photographer whose style you LOVE. They’ll be documenting your big day and their work will be on your Nan’s windowsill forever. For example, if you’re having a rainbow wedding, Choose a colourful wedding photographer instead of someone that specialises in black and white photos! If you’re not a fan of posing, choose a relaxed wedding photographer (like me!). You need to be confident that they will capture your memories in a way that reflects you. 

Someone That Gives A Crap

This may sound like the bare minimum, but choose a photographer that seems genuinely interested in your day. Look for enthusiasm! Choose somebody who wants your day to be as awesome as possible. No miserable, disinterested people, please!

Good Reviews / Referrals

Reviews are everything! Or even better, referrals! If a mate has recommended somebody, you have a first-hand account of how brilliant the photographer is. Look for those lovely reviews! 

They Have Their Sh*t Together

If you’re planning your big day, you don’t need any more chaos. Make sure your wedding photographer is organised! You could hire the best photographer in the world, but if they’re taking weeks to respond, turning up late on the day and faffing with equipment, what’s the point?! You deserve quality, clear communication and reliability. 


Here are the sneaky things to keep an eye out for. 

If it seems too good to be true it probably is…

Us photographers charge what they do for a reason. They take into account prep, travel, equipment, editing, years of learning the craft and more. If someone’s offering you the world for hardly any money, it’s probably too good to be true! This also goes for huge discounts. Use your common sense here! 

No Contract? No Booking!

I cannot stress this enough – A CONTRACT IS ESSENTIAL! This protects both you and your wedding photographer. Make sure you’re covered for worst-case scenarios, in case you need to rearrange or cancel due to things out of your control. If they don’t have a contract, get outta there! 

An Empty Portfolio…

Make sure you can see that your wedding photographer has done this before, and done it well. This is because wedding photography is about more than just taking nice photos – it involves being on your toes all day and being constantly alert to capture all those special moments. It often includes liaising with wedding planners, being in the right place at the right time and being assertive enough to smash those group photos. If this is their first rodeo, you might want to think again. 

Where Are The Vibes?

Use your instinct. Are they a person you want to be involved in your big day? Do you get on with them? Do you feel heard? Do they seem genuinely interested? Do they communicate well? Make sure you vibe with your wedding photographer! They’re probably the supplier you’ll have the most contact with on your wedding day, so make sure you’ll be happy to see them. 

There’s my best go at bringing you some wedding photographer red and green flags. I hope they’ve been useful! Here comes the plug…

I, myself, actually happen to be a wedding photographer (gasp!). My vibe is colourful, fun and relaxed. Want to check me for green flags? Drop me a follow on Insta here or get in touch here

Big love & sparkles,

Kirsty x