How To Get The Perfect Wedding Confetti Photo

We’ve all seen those epic confetti photos filled with pure happiness and a tonne of colour. But how do you achieve that kind of shot? Well, that’s what this blog is all about! I’ve photographed many confetti shots in my time and have found some foolproof ways to get the best shot possible. I’m going to give you some hints and tips to get the most banging confetti pictures on your big day. 

Paper Or Petals?

You may be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing your wedding confetti, with lots of different colours and materials to choose from. In my opinion, paper is the way to go. It shows up better in pictures, you can get it in any colour you like and it’s biodegradable. Of course, petals are beautiful too, but paper just gives that extra pizazz to proceedings. I’d recommend ‘Proper Confetti’ if you’re looking for amazing pops of colour that really stand out. 

Staging The Wedding Confetti Photo

There are two main ways to stage your wedding confetti photo. You can go for the classic ‘confetti tunnel’, where you walk through the middle of your guests as they throw confetti over you both. Alternatively, there is a different approach that I’ve found results in better photos. Get your guests to stand in a semi-circle shape, whilst you and your partner stand in the middle. All of your guests throw the confetti at once, resulting in a big cloud of awesomeness. Sounds pretty epic, right?

Throw Confetti, Not Shade

Now, as petty as it sounds, in my opinion, there IS a ‘proper’ way to throw wedding confetti. To start with, tell your guests to have the confetti in their hands instead of throwing it from a cone – it will fly better and won’t get stuck in the cone. You also want your guests to throw the confetti up in the air instead of directly at you. This makes for a better shot when the confetti falls and means your face is less likely to be blocked by confetti! Your photographer should be able to take a lead on this and give instructions to your guests. 

How about adding a confetti cannon or two for the ultimate photo opportunity? It’s your big day, so why not make the most of it! 

The Logistics

You’ll likely work with your wedding photographer to plan what shots you do/don’t want on your wedding day. Plan out your wedding confetti shot in advance! Choose a nice background at your venue so you don’t have a car park or a main road in the background – Your photographer should be able to advise on this. 

When planning your wedding photos, you’ll also need to make a wet weather plan. If it’s raining, you can bring the confetti shot inside! You don’t have to miss out because of bad weather – just make sure you have a plan with your venue. 

Wedding Confetti Photo Alternatives

What if a wedding confetti photo isn’t for you? There are loads of alternatives to make your wedding photos pop. How about pompoms, bubbles, or streamers? Or something else that’s totally outside of the box and unique to you? There are no rules here! 

Need An Awesome Wedding Photographer?

An awesome wedding photographer will ensure you get the best shots possible, from the planning to the execution, all the way down to making you feel at ease in front of the camera. Check out my portfolio for examples of my relaxed and colourful wedding photography… Maybe I’m the gal for you! Want to know more? Contact me or head over to my Instagram for more fun wedding photo inspo.

Love & Sparkles,

Kirsty x