How To Smash Your Wedding Group Photos

When you think of wedding group photos, do you think of rigid-looking shots that take ages to organise? Maybe you think of them as traditional, or boring, or just ‘what you do’ on your wedding day. I’m here to tell you this does NOT have to be the case! Your group photos can be enjoyable, quick and fabulous! Here’s how…

Spend More Time Partying Than Posing

Before your big day, you’ll let your wedding photographer know what group photos you want. My advice is to keep these numbers as low as possible, ideally below ten, so you can spend more time enjoying your day. If your priorities aren’t capturing the whole family together in a formal manner, a relaxed wedding photographer will capture them in a more candid way. Personally, I love getting in the middle of it all and snapping all of those funny, emotional, priceless moments. 

Location Is Everything!

Do yourself a favour and choose a nice location for your wedding group photos. Your photographer can help you with this. Ideally, you want to avoid messy backgrounds and harsh sun. 

Creative Wedding Group Photos – You CAN Have It All

If you’re a regular in this little corner of the internet, you’ll know I’m a huge advocate of the ‘your wedding, your way’ ethos. There are no rules! I get it, the big family photos are important for getting everyone in the same place to preserve a memory. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! You can have formal photos as well as silly and creative ones! Have a little brainstorm with your photographer to plan ahead and save ‘faff time’ on the day.

Why not challenge your wedding crew to come up with some original photo ideas, to keep things interesting? Some of my favourites from a recent wedding were a bridal party pyramid and two brides crowd surfing! 

Awesome Wedding Photographer = Awesome Group Photos

If your photographer is a really good egg, they’ll put their whole heart into getting you the best wedding group photos possible. Make sure they ‘get you’ so they can capture all your favourite people in a way that feels best to you. 

Maybe I can audition for the role of an enthusiastic and fun wedding photographer! Want to chat? Find me on Insta here or check out my portfolio here! Big love!