Wedding Planning Tips From A Wedding Photographer

In my time as a wedding photographer, I’ve been to a fair few ‘big days’. I’ve also spent a lot of time honing my craft and finding my niche. Believe me when I say lessons have been learned! I really have seen it all, so I wanted to share some wedding-planning tips I’ve picked up along the way! Enjoy!

Ain’t No Such Thing As Perfect

The biggest wedding planning tip that I can give is: Don’t expect your wedding day to go perfectly! It just doesn’t work that way. Don’t fall into the media trap of believing “this is the most important day of my life and everything must go to plan” – The most beautiful moments are unexpected, right?

I’d recommend leaving wriggle room in your schedule, to allow for the unexpected! This way, if a problem or a magical little sidetrack occurs, you won’t be stressing about time. You can keep an eye on the clock without being ruled by it.

At the end of the day, I’m sure you’ll agree that having a room full of your favourite people is far more important than a perfect napkin fold. Unless you’re super into napkins… in which case, do your thang I suppose!

‘Perfect’ is what you make of it!

Photographer Related Wedding Planning Tips

Speak to your friggin’ photographer! As a wedding photographer, it’s part of my job to make sure I know where to be at what time. I’ll also always arrange meetings to get to know you and what you’re all about. All we photographers ask is that you put time into this with us!

Group photos at weddings can feel never-ending, but there are ways to make them fun! Making sure you get your group photos will be so worth it. They can feel like a faff but with a good photographer, they’ll be pain-free and will leave you with beautiful memories.

Wedding photographers love dancing! (Or at least I do!) Give the DJ a list of your favourite floor fillers so they can kick start the party before your photographer leaves – You’ve gotta get those dancing shots!

See your photographer as a teammate… Or wedding ninja who will stop at nothing to get the perfect shot!

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Wedding Suppliers Matter!

Choosing awesome wedding suppliers is essential to a great day, in my eyes. The people you hire contribute to the vibe of your wedding – make sure they’re on the same page! You don’t have to be besties but make sure they’re friendly, passionate, and professional.

Also, make sure all suppliers present on the day are informed about timings. This would be a wedding planner’s job if you have one. This saves you being asked questions all day when you should be enjoying yourself!

PS – Big wedding planning tip here – Remember that prep always takes longer than you think! Plan more time than you think you need. Even the speediest of suppliers get caught up sometimes, depending on the logistics of the venue.

Fun Wedding Planning Tips To End Boring Weddings!

I’m sure everyone has been to at least one wedding that was just a bit… well, dull. Often, guests end up waiting around for ages in between sections, probably getting really hungry! Keep your people happy with simple entertainment to fill the lulls. I’m talking giant Jenga, garden games, or a photo booth. Pair this with some snacks and there won’t be a complaint in the room!

Of course, your day is about you and that’s the most important thing. But providing simple wedding entertainment that doesn’t have to break the bank can make the day happier for everyone! It’s also an awesome way to create memories and unite both sides of the family.

Let’s Make Your Wedding Fun!

I hope these wedding planning tips give you a few nuggets of wisdom for making your big day super spectacular. I’m no wedding planner, simply a fun wedding photographer that’s been the camera-wielding fly on the wall at hundreds of events!

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Big love,

Kirsty x