Camera Shy Couple? Here’s How To Smash Your Wedding Photos

Camera shy and dreading your wedding photos? It’s ok! You’ve come to the right corner of the internet – no awkward posing or ridiculous pressure here. I’m a firm believer that awesome wedding photos can be fun, relaxed and simple. It’s my job to put you at ease! Here are my best tips for camera-shy couples planning their wedding day.

Camera Shy? Do It Your Way!

I’m not going to sit here and reel off ways you can become more comfortable with conventional wedding photos. If it’s not your jam, it’s not your jam! There are no rules here, so why not find a way to make your wedding photos feel more like you? 

If you’re camera shy, you probably don’t want to be forced into awkward positions, in front of loads of people, with a photographer that doesn’t ‘get it’. Have a think about ways you’d prefer to do it. Maybe the answer is a relaxed wedding photographer, having a photo shoot on a different day, or getting some practice in front of the camera. I’ll suggest some ideas in the rest of this blog!

Let’s Rock It Together

I’m all for breaking the rules and doing it your way, but the only thing I’d say is PLEASE don’t let your hesitations stop you from hiring a wedding photographer. I promise you, you’ll regret not having captured the memories of you and your loved ones.

Sometimes, a cure for the camera-shy couple is simply finding the right photographer. I’d recommend looking for a relaxed wedding photographer with a more candid style. Get to know them and share your fears. It’s the job of the photographer to help you and make you as comfortable as possible. The right photographer will fit in like your camera bestie

My personal approach is super chilled out. I won’t pose you too much, but will just give little instructions while you talk to your other half. Also, I’ll never share something that I don’t think is flattering. I’ll also get a load of candids of you both throughout the day when you won’t even know I’m there. Trust me, It’s my job to make you look cool! 

Be Your Beautiful Self!

‘Just be yourself’… The age-old advice that’s easy to give but hard to follow! 

Your wedding photos don’t have to be serious. In fact, the less seriously you take yourself, the better the photos will look! If you can just have fun and not be afraid to make a tit of yourself, your photos will radiate joy. You don’t have to be a vogue model to have a bloody amazing set of pictures. Every set of photos is unique to the couple, so the best thing you can be is true to yourself. 

Part of my wedding photography ethos is that if you feel great, you’ll look great. Instead of practising poses or worrying about angles, focus on feeling like your best self! The rest will fall into place.

Relaxed Wedding Photography For The Camera Shy Couple

You don’t even have to take ‘couples’ photos on your wedding day. A few are always lovely to have and you’ll probably cherish them in years to come, but there are other more chilled-out ways to capture your connection. 

Engagement Shoots

Engagement shoots are great ways to celebrate your engagement, get comfy in front of the camera and get to know your photographer. Now, this probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind if you’re camera shy. However, if you’re not too fussed about posing on your wedding day, you might prefer having some informal shots done beforehand. 

Post Wedding Shoots

If you don’t want a full-on photoshoot on your wedding day but would still like some epic images, how about a post-wedding shoot? You could get dressed up in your wedding wear, be super casual, or wear anything you like! You could have a theme that you love, be super silly and satirical, or go on a walk and get some candids.

You’ll Be Just Fine!

No pressure, just love! That’s what your wedding day is all about, right? You’ll find a way to make your wedding photos feel like they represent you. Want to chat more about chilled out, fun wedding photography? I’m your gal! Slide into my DMs here or contact me here

Big Love 

Kirsty x