Winter Weddings – How To Rock It In The Colder Months

Happy December! There’s something so magical and romantic about this time of year, with the festive lights and cosy blankets. I shout a lot about colourful, sunshiney weddings, but today I’m spreading some colourful winter wedding magic! There are so many ways to rock a frosty big day and make it totally unique. Keep reading for some of my best ideas & wedding photos!

Cosy Winter Wedding Vibes

Winter wedding rule #1 – Keep your guests warm! Give out blankets and hot chocolate (or mulled wine!) and party the night away in your festive slippers. If you’re braving an outdoor wedding, keep it cosy with heaters and a campfire. If an indoor party is more your vibe, keep the winter feels with a warm and toasty aesthetic. 

Winter Sunsets Are GORGEOUS

Speaking as a wedding photographer, winter weddings have such good light! The photo ops are endless. Picture this: You snuggled under the mistletoe with a roaring fire and a breathtaking sunset. Beautiful, right? Embrace the dark nights with some epic shots under the stars. Ooh, I’m excited already! 

Christmas, Baby!

You knew this one was coming. If Christmas isn’t magical enough already, imagine the super wonderfulness of a Christmas wedding. Go all out with the decorations, the trees and the music! You could be as cheesy or as classy as you like here. As I always say, rip up the rule book! 

Make It Snow At Your Winter Wedding

So, the British winter is notoriously a bit rubbish when it comes to snow. We get a day of snowmen, and then weeks of sludge! The great thing about winter weddings is that you can do whatever the heck you want – you can make it SNOW and not have to worry about icy roads the next day! A snow machine is your new best friend and is guaranteed to bring the magic.

Bring The Sparkle! Winter Wedding Lighting

You can’t beat a sparkler shot at a winter wedding! Confetti in the day and sparklers by night is another way to bring a bit of ‘wow’ to your big day. Because of the darker nights, you have so much room to play with lighting. Fairy lights, neon signs, disco lights, glow sticks… the possibilities are endless! 

There you have it – some winter wedding tips and tricks from yours truly! You can check me out here if you want to know more about my fun and relaxed wedding photography. Happy Planning! Kirsty x