Wedding Smoke Bombs – How To Rock Colourful Wedding Photos!

There are few things I love more than a colourful wedding. Seeing bright and cheery photos on Instagram is really lifting my spirits, so I thought I’d bring some colour to the blog! Wedding smoke bombs are a huge trend, and for good reason – they’re friggin’ badass! I’d like to talk about why I love them and what to look out for if you’re opting for a smoke bomb photo. These colourful snaps might just make you smile!

Why Wedding Smoke Bombs Are Awesome:

Wedding smoke bombs are brilliant ways to add colour and ‘pizazz’ to your wedding photos. That perfect statement shot will look brilliant printed on the wall, plastered over Facebook and in the photo diary you’ll show to your grandkids. Who needs serious and posed wedding photos when you can be playful and authentic? 

They can also jazz up group shots and are a great way to include your guests and bring some laughter to the photo process. 

You can choose the colours to match your theme or opt for a simple white to add some atmosphere to the photos. For me as a fun wedding photographer, I love getting to experiment and capture the natural joy that smoke bombs can bring!

A Word Of Warning:

Wedding smoke bombs are super duper fun, but I should give you a few things to keep in mind! Number one: Be bloody careful! Make sure you buy from a reputable source and keep in mind that they can get pretty hot. Photographers cannot supply these (exciting legal reasons, woo!) so you must source your own. 

Note that smoke bombs work better at countryside/ outdoor weddings. I wouldn’t recommend using in a city – you might get in trouble or risk injuring someone! Make sure that you also have a safe place to put them out.

And before you start waving a smoke bomb around in your gorgeous new white wedding dress, be aware that they can stain! It’s often advised that you hold it away from yourself at an arm’s length. Perhaps you could bring a change of clothes for the shoot if this is a concern.

Oh, one last thing, Keep. Away. From. Children. And. Drunk. People. Understood? Cool. With a bit of common sense, you’ll be absolutely fine! 

Fun Wedding Photo Inspo

There you have it! My basic rundown of wedding smoke bombs and why they rock. Wanting more inspiration for creative, relaxed and joyful wedding photos? Check out the rest of the blog here or come say hello on Insta!

Big Love, Kirsty x