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Being Yourself On Your Wedding Day – Why You Should Rock It

Being Yourself On Your Wedding Day – Why You Should Rock It!

Alright, folks, This blog is a slightly personal one! However, I feel compelled to share. We’re all friends here, right? I spend most of my life behind a camera. I feel this gives me a unique perspective. I’d like to share some thoughts about being yourself on your wedding day and letting your awesomeness shine!

As a relaxed wedding photographer, my job is to capture people at their shiniest. This means I spend a lot of time observing people. I’ve found, and this is no groundbreaking revelation, that people sparkle the most when they’re being their authentic selves. Now, we live in a society where being yourself is often a rebellion. It takes balls to be unapologetic! Especially in the world of weddings, there’s often a realm of unspoken expectations and assumptions. Even from childhood, a fairytale wedding is romanticised, as well as the traditions that go alongside that idea. At the end of this blog is a list of resources to help you tap into your inner badass!

Trigger warning – this blog mentions weight.





Being Yourself On Your Wedding Day – An Act Of Rebellion

So, being yourself on your wedding day… Where do you begin? With family expectations, Instagram expectations, and societal pressure… it’s tough! I’d mostly like to talk about the societal pressure, or we’ll be here all day! Not long ago, I saw a wedding fair promoting the use of weight loss pills. I understand there are mixed views about the marketing of these products, but my gripe was with the idea of a wedding company profiting from insecurity. I’d hate for anyone to feel less than perfect on their wedding day. I’m all for fitness and healthy dieting if that’s what you want to do, but the fact that these products are being advertised to someone planning the ‘biggest day of their life’ just doesn’t sit right with me. What a way to add to the pressure! On top of this, there are social media advertisements setting unrealistic standards, tabloids tearing apart celebrities for having cellulite, and very little diversity in wedding wear models. These are important issues in their own right, but I’ll keep it brief for today!  

Your Formidable Badassery & The Wise Words Of RuPaul

I’m here with a gentle reminder, in case you need to hear it. The happiest people I see are the ones that are living their truth. It’s not about having Lizzo levels of confidence or eliminating insecurities with the snap of a finger, but more to do with accepting yourself the way you are every day. All of you is valid – your feelings, your doubt, your awesomeness! 

Don’t get me wrong, It’s a constant battle. But, I encourage you to see this as an act of rebellion. Use your formidable badassery against the inner saboteur and the society that profits from it! Whether you’re uber traditional or an alternative wedding trailblazer, being yourself on your wedding day is about being proud, and loving yourself exactly the way you are. There’s no better way to conclude than with the wise words of RuPaul. “If you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gon’ love somebody else?” Amen!

A list of resources to help you be your truest, most shiny self!

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty – Florence Given

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck – Mark Manson

Get Your S**t Together – Sarah Knight

The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F*ck – Sarah Knight

(Disclaimer I haven’t read all these books, just heard good things. Got more I can add? Let me know and I’ll add your recommendations)