Couple surrounded by purple smoke. Bride is wearing a rainbow fringe jacket

Top Tips For A Fun Wedding Day – How To Enjoy Every Minute

You want to have fun on your wedding day, right? Of course you do! But, we all know that wedding planning can get stressful and, naturally, you want everything to go perfectly on your big day. I’m here to say that you will look far too FABULOUS on your wedding day to be spending it stressed out! Now, Humans are emotional creatures. The main thing people remember about an event is how it made them feel. I’m assuming you want you, your partner and your guests to remember having a FUN wedding day, filled with loveliness and rainbows. Does that not sound like you? Then I’m afraid you have the wrong blog, honey!

I’ve photographed a lot of weddings. I’ve learnt a lot from them! Here are my top tips or a fun wedding day…

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Things might go wrong. Things might not go as expected. Taking things as they come and remembering the soul purpose of your day (Love! Or maybe cake…? We all have our reasons.) will help you take things in your stride and embrace if things go ‘tits up’. If it rains…dance in it!

2. Fun Wedding Entertainment

Wedding entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive – It’s an easy guarantee for a fun wedding! How many weddings have you been to and sat around at a reception for hours, hungry and bored? It’s not just the kids that need entertaining; adults want fun too! Of course, your day is about YOU and not your guests, but wedding entertainment is a fun way to unite both sides of the family and create a ‘good vibe’ – it’s worth considering! 

You could make DIY garden games, buy some space hoppers from a local shop, gather some board games (which can be turned into drinking games!) or get a friend as a glitter artist/ face painter. Or, if you have the budget, there are photo booths, video games, bouncy castles, and all sorts of unique wedding entertainment up for grabs!

3. Delegate!

Put your wedding party to good work! Delegate jobs on the day to minimise stress – you SO deserve to have fun on your wedding day! It can be hard to let go if you’ve planned the whole day, but trust your loved ones! (Just don’t give the ring to the clumsy one…)

4. Do YOU.

We all have different ideas of a fun wedding. Go with what makes you feel excited! I’m a big advocate of self-love and authentic self-expression – you’ll glow the most if you’re being yourself on your wedding day! You and your guests will have fun if you are relaxed, present and if your day feels like ‘you’. Pretending isn’t comfortable! You are WONDERFUL as you are. Okay, preach over.

5. A Banging Playlist For An Ultra Fun Wedding

I think this one is indisputable: Good music = good wedding?! It definitely helps, at least! Music creates and transforms a mood. Play the songs you love and let your hair down! You could delegate (remember tip 3!) the DJ duty, but make sure you love your wedding music. Some people get all of their guests to submit a song they love – that way everyone has a fun wedding! 

Whatever floats your boat, I have no doubt that your wedding will be friggin’ AWESOME. You are a rockstar – remember it and channel it into your day for a fun wedding! May the fun be with you. Kirsty x