How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Cost & Why?

Let’s talk about money, honey! It’s the part nobody likes talking about, but let’s change that.

A lot of couples are shocked when they start costing up their wedding and getting quotes. These things can get expensive! I hear a lot of ‘Why does a wedding photographer cost so much?’ so wanted to share my response to that question. In this blog, I’ll break down the things that are included in wedding photography prices and explain why we’re worth it!

How much…? A Wedding Photography Cost Breakdown

Many couples are shocked by their initial quote. I get it, it might sound like a lot! But, let me break it down for you.

There’s a lot more to consider with your wedding photography cost as it’s not just one day’s work. Us photographers are grafting to run our businesses, pay rent and live our best lives doing a job we love. It’s a LOT of work.

Personally, I’m a one-woman band. I take care of marketing, admin, culling, editing, pre-wedding meetings, emails, wedding fairs, social media, blogging, websites, studying, and workshops. Education is important because I want to keep improving to give my couples the best images I can. I’ve also spent a long time honing my craft, which is reflected in the price.

Not to mention the cost of equipment, any assistance needed on the day, travel costs, and the fact that the taxman takes a big fat chunk!

A wedding photographer’s cost needs to cover all of this.

Because We’re Worth It!

Let me put this simply – a good wedding photographer is priceless. Your photos will be the lasting memories of your big day. They’ll be on your mantlepiece and shown to your potential grandkids. They will be reminisced over and loved more with each passing year. To me, that’s worth an investment!

The wedding photography cost reflects experience, reliability, and professionalism. You could go on the cheap and find someone with a much lower price, but you’re risking sacrificing these important things.

Personally, I’ll always go above and beyond for my couples. I spend time getting to know them, recommending great suppliers, and making sure I know all the details ready for the wedding day.

Trust me, finding a wedding photographer you trust and get on with is WORTH IT!

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Why Does A Wedding Photographer Cost So Much?

A wedding photographer costs ‘so much’ because it’s about more than waving a camera around for a few hours! Our time is valuable. Our skills are valuable. The end result will be valuable for the rest of your life.

If you’re struggling with your budget and have a dream photographer in mind, speak to them! As long as you’re not completely lowballing them, there may be something they can do to help you out. Maybe they can create a package that suits your budget, or will accept a payment plan. You never know!

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